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Genetic improvement of rice for biotic and abiotic stress tolerance using molecular breeding

Scientific Team:

Dr. M. K. Modi, Professor & Head, Agricultural Biotechnology, AAU, Jorhat (PI).

Dr. S. K. Chetia, Chief Scientist, PBG, RARS, Titabar (PI).

Advisors: Dr. N. K. Singh, NIPB and Dr. Arvind Kumar, ICRISAT


  • 1) Identification of QTL/candidate gene for biotic/abiotic stress tolerance.

    • Genome wide association studies (GWAS) for yield traits in Sali rice accessions.

    • GWAS for drought tolerance traits in Ahu rice accessions.

    • Bi-parental mapping of QTLs for submergence tolerance.

    • High density mapping of QTLs associated with drought tolerance (Ranjit x Banglami).

  • 2) Introgression of QTLs/genes for biotic (Bacterial Leaf Blight, Blast) and abiotic (Drought) stress tolerance in local rice varieties.

    • Introgression of Bacterial Leaf Blight and Blast resistance genes in rice.

    • Molecular breeding for development of drought tolerant rice varieties.

Salient accomplishment:
  • 60 significant associations detected using 50K SNPs for 11 agronomic traits, Phenotypic Variance (PV): 0-15%. (Verma et al, 2021, Genomics)

  • 30 QTLs (P.V:1.95-13.80%.) were identified for yield traits under drought (Banglami x Ranjit)

  • 38 QTLs (PV:1.97-12.42%) mapped for yield traits under drought in ‘Koni Ahu x Disang’

  • Development of Bi-parental mapping population (F1s) for submergence tolerance

  • Development of breeding population against BLB and Blast stress

  • Two BC2F4 lines will be forwarded to AVT-NIL (drought) during 2022

Expected outputs :
  • Gel-based functional markers for the SNPs associated with major yield traits

  • Identification of Major QTLs/ candidate genes for drought and submergence stress

  • BLB, Blast and drought tolerant rice varieties

  • Introgression of drought tolerance in mega rice variety Ranjit Sub-1/Bahadur Sub-1.

  • Development of biotic/abiotic stress tolerance in popular rice varieties of various North Eastern states i.e., Nagaland, Manipur, Tripura and Meghalaya.

The drought tolerant BC2F4 lines selected for AICRP evaluation

Phenotyping of advance breeding lines for drought tolerance