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Isolation of novel microbial strains to develop efficient biopesticides

Scientific Team:

Dr Popy Bora (PI), Dr P K Borah, Dr B C Nath

Advisors: Dr M V Deshpande

  • Objectives:
    • Isolation of novel microbial strains from NE region to develop bioinputs to support organic agriculture

    • Identification of novel genes, generation of multi-locus DNA barcode sequences of new and important microbial strains​

    • Bioprospecting novel microbial strains for bioremediation​

    • Exploring plant wealth for disease and pest management

  • Salient Achievements:
    • Eleven biopesticides have been developed

    • Protocol has been developed for mass multiplication of Biogreen L and Biogreen 5

    • Technology commercialized: Trichoderma viride based Biopesticide ‘Bioveer’ registered with CIB [Reg. No. CIR-1729/2015(355)-Trichoderma viride (WP)-391]

    • Registration of BioFor-PF-2 is in the pipeline

  • Efficacy of different microbe-based bioformulations on:​
    • Citrus canker disease (AAU, Jorhat): Biogreen (Soil+Foliar) is most effective with 20.84% of disease incidence as compared to 72.99% in control; 41.93% increase in fruit yield from no yield in control

    • Bacterial Blight Disease of Rice (AAU, Jorhat): Biogreen @ 2% is most effective in reducing disease severity from 90.31% in control to 29.43% after application

    • Kharif rice (RARS Titabar): Biotime (4 sprays) reveals highest efficacy in reducing Stem borer damage from 15.8% (Dead heart) and 16.4% (White ear head) to 3.2% and 4.1% respectively

    • Expected outputs:

    • Large-scale production of biopesticides for commercial release

    • Novel microbe-based bioformulations

    • CIB registration and IPR protection of biopesticides of barcoded microbial strains

    • Technology for disease suppression vis-a-vis pesticide bioremediation with a single formulation

Biopesticides Team

Registered Biopesticide: BioVEER

Products in pipeline

Products in pipeline

Products in pipeline