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Welcome to DBT- North East Center for Agricultural Biotechnology!

Human Resource and Capacity Building

Scientific exchanges are funded to widen the exposure of students and faculty in developed labs both in India and abroad. New courses have been introduced on climate-smart agriculture and efforts are on to strengthen education in the field of Bioinformatics and big data analysis. The centre also organises regular awareness programmes for farmers to transfer technologies developed at the centre to the farmers’ fields.

Scientific Exchange Programme

The Centre has provision for sending students, researchers and faculty, to developed laboratories of leading organizations in and outside the country under the “Scientific Exchange programme” with the support of the DBT, GoI.

  • Seven postdoctoral researchers/PhD students will be sent for 3 months on climate resilient agriculture in 4 different Institutions in Europe under AdaptNET
  • Ten scientists from different departments of AAU, Jorhat were selected for a four-week training programme at three European universities and ICRISAT, Patancheru under AdaptNet Project (ERASMUS+) of the Centre on "Strengthening education, research and innovation for climate smart crops in India" from Jan 20 to Feb 16, 2020 funded by EACEA, European Commission
  • The Centre also has provision for masters’ or PhD students to carry part of their research in advanced laboratories of reputed national and international institutions such as University of California, Davis, CSIRO, Canberra, Australia, Southern Cross University, Australia, ICRISAT and other collaborating organizations
  • 01 September 2019 - 01 May 2020
    Dharmendra Singh Lagoriya

    Dharmendra Singh Lagoriya is a Doctoral student in the Department of Agricultural Biotechnology, Assam Agricultural University (AAU), Jorhat. He also worked as a Senior Research Fellow (SRF) in the ICAR National Professor project. His doctoral research is on identifying resistance gene (s) in chickpea species to pod borer infestation. He was supported by DBT-NECAB, as a visiting scholar to Professor Douglas Cook’s lab at the University of California Davis, USA for eight months to develop, and phenotype F4 to F5 population of chickpea as advanced breeding lines for plant-insect bioassay and metabolic analysis against Helicoverpa armigera.

  • Year: 2019
    Dr. Moloya Gohain, Dr. Sudipta Sankar Bora, Dr. Rajib Das

    Project Scientists under three core programmes of the centre were sent to ICAR- NBPGR, ICAR-IARI, Delhi University, South Campus, JNU, NERBPMC, DBT- NIPGR, NRCPB (NIPB) and ICGEB from Sept 23-27, 2019 to gain insight into the research being conducted at the organizations, for exploring possible collaborative biotechnological ventures as well as deriving relevant and implementable infrastructure and human resource development at the Centre.

  • Year: 2014-15
    Ms. Rashmi Rekha Baruah

    Ms Rashmi Rekha Baruah, SRF, under the NFBSRA project entitled “Development of pod borer resistant pigeon pea and chickpea” joining CSIRO, Australia as a visiting research fellow to work on “Gene technology for the improvement of chickpea”.

    Ms. Priyakshee Borgohain

    Ms. Priyakshee Borgohain, Dept of Plant Breeding and Genetics joined Plant Science division, Southern Cross University, Australia as PhD students during Feb 2015. She is working on Glucosinolate variation in Brassica Juncea which could lead to identification and isolation of a glucosinolate gene that could be used in the proposed Brassica project for aphid resistance.

  • Year: 2013-14
    Sudipta Sankar Bora

    Sudipta Sankar Bora, a Junior Research Fellow working under Bioprospecting of Soil Microbes for acid tolerance has been invited as a visiting research fellow to work under Dr. Alan Richardson of CSIRO Plant Industry, Canberra for a period of one year.

  • Year 2012-13
    Nayana Hazarika

    Nayana Hazarika, a Junior Research Fellow in Chickpea transformation programme is currently working with Dr. Higgins at CSIRO, Australia as a visiting research fellow under Foriegn Exchange Programme.