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Welcome to DBT- North East Center for Agricultural Biotechnology!

Our Research Fellows

Dr. Abhisek Dasgupta

Dr. Dasgupta has been serving as Research Associate under the Programme III, DBT-NECAB since October, 2021. During his PhD programme, he elucidated the microbial diversity and functions of crude oil-contaminated soils using Next Gen sequencing approach and various other culture-dependent approaches. Dr. Dasgupta has also been awarded a PRISM grant by the Department of Science and Industrial Research to elaborate more on his idea of microbial filters towards removing arsenic and fluoride from groundwater. Currently, Dr. Dasgupta is focussing on the role of proline and other osmo-tolerants on the survival of bacterial species under acid stress.

Dr. Sushil Kumar Singh

Dr. Sushil has been serving as Research Associate since the inception of the DBT-NECAB programme. During his PhD research work, he elucidated the genetic diversity and virulence analysis of Xanthomonas oryzae. pv. oryzae population in Assam. He has also developed short duration rice line introgressed with three BB resistance genes using Marker Assisted selection. Currently, Dr. Sushil Singh is involved in field related work of molecular breeding programmes for both abiotic and biotic stress tolerance especially drought, submergence, blast and bacterial blight.

Dr. Amrita Phukan

Dr. Amrita Phukan has been associated with DBT-NECAB as Research Associate under Programme IVa (Biofertilizers) since November 2018. She has gained vast knowledge in the field of Biofertilizers and its relation to soil quality parameters. Her technical skills are related to the development of efficient acid tolerant biofertilizers with promising plant growth promoting traits. Her research interest also includes compost acceleration and enrichment with microbes.

Dr. Trishna Konwar

Dr. Trishna has been serving as Research Associate since the inception of the DBT-NECAB programme. During her PhD research work, she optimized an efficient in vitro regeneration protocol to generate stable transgenic lines of blackgram (Vigna mungo). Currently, Dr. Trishna Konwar is involved in generating transgenic chickpea lines using gene technology for insect resistance.

Sandhani Saikia

Sandhani Saikia is working as a Senior Research Fellow since the inception of the DBT NECAB program. Previously she worked under the project “Allele mining and molecular breeding” on rice since 2014 and has gained expertise in molecular genotyping as well as phenotyping techniques. She is currently working on developing a bi-parental population for submergence tolerance in elite rice varieties from Assam through molecular breeding. Her work also encompasses the introgression of BLAST and BLB genes into varieties like “DRR44” and “BRRI75”. She holds a master's degree from St. Anthony’s College, Shillong, and a post-graduate diploma in Intellectual Property Rights from IGNOU. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. from Gauhati University under the joint guidance of Prof. Mahendra K Modi, HOD, ABT, AAU Jorhat, and Prof. Pratap Jyoti Handique, Vice-Chancellor, Gauhati University.