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Hands on Training Programme on "Production of Biopesticide and Biofertilizer"

The procurement of "organic hub" in NE India coupled with accelerated demand for residue free organic food have introduced organic farming as lucrative agro-based venture in NE India. To sustain organic production in the region supply of quality bioinputs including biopesticides and biofertilizers are most important pre-requisites. Considering the existing scenario of long pending gap between demand and supply of quality bioinputs in NER of India, DBT, GoI has established five satellite centres in different states of NE India under DBT-NECAB. It is of urged need to strengthen the satellite centers with technical backstopping for production protocol of bioinputs for further spread of bioinput technologies and entrepreneurship development.
With this hands on training programme on "Production of Biopesticide and Biofertilizer" has been proposed with detailed training schedule and budget estimates.

Coordinator: Dr. Popy Bora, Department of Plant Pathology

Course Director: Dr. Rajen Barua, Department of Soil Science

Venue: Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat, Assam

Tentative Date: 21st Feb - 2nd Mar, 2022

Number of participants: 15